Welcome to Pipette Doctor UK

Welcome to Pipette Doctor UK

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We at Pipette Doctor are giving away 20% discount off pipettes that are returned to our service centre.
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Pipette Doctor is one of the UK’s leading pipette service, repair and calibration companies. Established in 2000, the name “Pipette Doctor” is synonymous with pipette calibration and we are recognised by pipette users as being a company that delivers the highest level of service, both in the field (at the customers laboratory), or at our UKAS accredited laboratory.

We were the first company in the UK to adopt the “ALL Makes, ALL models, ALL volumes” principle, and to this day we continue to provide this service.

We are audited annually by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) against the standard ISO17025, you can therefore be confident that you are receiving the best level of service and calibration. 

Pipette Doctor are the only UK company that are authorised and trained to repair Biohit-Sartorius pipettes. Should your Biohit-Sartorius pipette malfunction during its warranty period, you can be sure that it will be repaired by a factory trained technician at our “state-of -the art” calibration workshop and UKAS Accredited calibration laboratory.




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Sartorius Pipette Doctor are the only pipette calibration company in the UK to use a revolutionary analytical balance to calibrate your multi-channel pipettes.

The balance is called " Sartorius Speedcal Mobile" and as the name suggests, it can calibrate pipettes very quickly.....far quicker than any other balance, and it has been designed and developed specifically for pipette calibration

How does it do this? Balances used for pipette calibration  normally have just one weigh cell. This means that each aliquot must be weighed individually, using  just one weigh cell. Whilst this method is effective and accurate, it can be quite time consuming.

The Sartorius Speedcal Mobile uses twelve (yes twelve!!) weigh cells and therefore it has the capability to weigh each dispensing from a 12 channel pipette simultaneously. It’s quite brilliant!

What does this mean for you? Far quicker turnaround when you send your multi-channel pipettes into our Service Centre, and this means greater efficiency in your laboratory.

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Pipette Calibration Software


The software provides an opportunity to both manage and calibrate pipette inventory and meets all the needs of a small to medium sized laboratory who may wish to check their pipettes on a regular basis but does not require software with in depth reporting, spares management, training modules etc.

The software can be downloaded from our website and all data can be stored on-line reducing backup concerns and loss of information. Quanta Software is available with various modules which ensure that all possible requirements are covered. The software can be used for simple weekly or monthly calibration checks or for industrial strength service companies with field engineers and many thousands of pipettes being serviced and calibrated.

Please Note:  QuantaCheck is freeware and will not need any payment to activate and use.